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We know that road construction involves long, strenuous days with multiple machines, large crews and long traffic lines. Finding an equipment solution that optimizes both efficiency and 安全 is critical to protecting profitability of your company and the well-being of your team. We’re proud to offer the innovative line of Road Widener equipment to enhance efficiency in shouldering, 摊铺、压实, all while protecting the 安全 of your crew.

best365官网下载外围 offers the best new, 使用, and rental heavy equipment throughout our 服务 areas of 科罗拉多州, 新墨西哥, 以及德州西部的偏远地区. 自1976年以来, our mission has been to help you do your job better, 更有效地, 和更多的 affordably through not only our heavy equipment, but also through our 猫 parts, 服务, 和技术. When you partner with us, you get a comprehensive solution to your needs.


  • Partnerships with some of the best companies, 比如Road Widener, that are foc使用 on finding solutions for their customers
  • Comprehensive heavy duty equipment solutions to meet your needs
  • 真正的猫部分
  • Forward-thinking technology solutions in order to continue to maximize the operation of your 猫 machinery
  • 猫 factory-trained field 服务 technicians who are experts at troubleshooting and repairing your 猫 heavy machinery
  • 猫 work tools and power systems to keep you moving
  • 还有更多!


的FH-R, a shouldering and side paving attachment, seamlessly hooks up to the equipment you already have — from skid steers and compact track loaders to graders. 的FH-R precisely dispenses aggregate on roadways and shoulders without the need for large crews and multiple machines. Some of the features of the FH-R Series Road Wideners include:

  • Remote-control operation with an optional manual control
  • 维修费用低
  • Works with standard hydraulics or high-flow hydraulics
  • 多用途使用
  • Fits on common trailers for easy towing by a pickup truck
  • Works with the flow of traffic
  • 和更多的!


The Offset Vibratory Roller, a compaction attachment with an offset arm and drum, allows operators to drive on flat ground while compacting sloping shoulders. This eliminates the dangerous tilting experienced when compacting slopes with a self-propelled roller. Some of the features of the Offset Vibratory Roller Road Wideners include:

  • Features quick connectors for easy attachment
  • Works with standard or high-flow hydraulics
  • 精湛的压实
  • Can compact stone, asphalt, RAP, and dirt
  • Multiple drum sizes that can easily be changed out
  • 非常适合挖沟
  • 和更多的!


Our stated mission is to help make your life easier. We offer 猫 attachments so that you can use the 猫erpillar heavy equipment that you already own in many different ways without having to purchase new equipment. From grapple buckets and 冷刨床 to forks, 出挑, and material handling arms, we’ve got your needs covered. 除了, we love to partner with others, 比如Road Widener, to bring you other useful work tools that we do not offer.

For both the Road Widener FH-R and the Offset Vibratory Roller, the compact design and remote-controlled operation of both attachments increases efficiency, decreases traffic interference, and makes for a safer work site. Both can be 使用 by our 猫erpillar heavy equipment, and both attachments can bring a tremendous amount of value to your business. best365官网下载外围 has locations in 科罗拉多州, 新墨西哥, 以及德州西部的偏远地区 that are more than happy to help you find the perfect 猫 attachment or Road Widener for your needs. We are guided by our values in action, 其中包括团队合作, 卓越, 问责制, 安全, 完整性, 和沟通. We are passionate about providing you with the solutions you need to get the job done.

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From Ag equipment to bulldozers, telehandlers, 冷刨床, 压实工具, 破碎机和安检人员, 和更多的, we’ve got your work needs covered. Whether you are looking to buy new, 使用, or rent heavy equipment, our team can help. Reach out to one of our 猫 dealers today!





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